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Exhibitor FAQ
Exhibitor FAQ
The answers to the most common questions about ORA

Do I have to come in person?
All members must be on site for the first day of the show. After that time, you may leave your associates to do business on your behalf.

Associate or Principal?
Associates are part of your immediate business unit. If you are an independent rep, associates may include employees, partners, or sub-reps. Note the following: an associate may not show any lines that are not represented by the exhibiting member. Doing so requires the associate to join as a member in his/her own right.

Principals include all personnel who work outside your immediate business unit. They are not limited to management or executive-level people. A customer service rep who handles your territory but works at headquarters or a distribution center is a principal. Badges for principals cost $200 each, though a discount is available if you register before the week of the show.

Register additional associates
Our brief online registration form collects all the info we need, plus payment.

Can I exhibit jointly with another member?
Yes. There are a few conditions. First, each member must take at least a 10x10 space in his or her own name. Second, booths may be merged along an aisle, but not across. Any merging of booths that creates a barrier to traffic flow is strictly prohibited. If you are lucky, the show director will call you on it. If you are unlucky, it will be the fire marshall, and you will get a stiff fine.

Early breakdown
Tearing down early is not allowed. Even the quietest breakdown is disruptive to the business activities of your colleagues and your customers, and will be dealt with severely. If you are bored at the end of the show, look around you and notice that some reps have appointments right up until the close. Maybe next time you can work the phones a little harder.
If you have a personal or professional commitment, you can be excused from the final day of the show if both of these critera are met:

1. You give advance notice to the show director by June 1
2. You agree to break down after the show closes. This will also mean that your booth will be placed in such a way that it does not disrupt the floor plan after it is removed. In effect, you forfeit your seniority placement in exchange for the ability to leave early.