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About us
About us
Outdoor Reps Association (ORA) is a membership organization dedicated to promoting trade between retailers and suppliers in the outdoor industry. Our members travel the upper Midwest to ensure successful business relationships between retailers and manufacturers/distributors.

The ORA is governed by a volunteer board of directors. They are:
President Bruce Marsh
Vice President David Olson
Secretary Emily Rach
Treasurer Torry Moore
Board members at large:
Bill Gange
Troy Kattreh
Jenn Whitley

Show production and ongoing operations are handled by Executive Director Scott Lynch.

Membership Eligibility
Membership in ORA is open to sales reps who travel the states of MN, WI, IL, IA and the surrounding area, and represent products relevant to the outdoor industry. While most ORA members are self-employed independent reps, membership is open to those who are employed directly by their companies but who live and work in the territory.